Strategic capital and long term
business builders

Our Philosophy

Active Value-Added Partners

  • Servant leaders who earn the right to work alongside our management partners
  • Not day-to-day managers, but deliver specific projects where we have expertise
  • Specialists in growth acceleration, M&A, infrastructure building, analytics and globalization

Patient, Flexible Time Horizons

  • Our investment horizon is dictated by what makes sense for the portfolio company, not by our needs
  • With a bias towards building value for the long-term

Extreme Focus

  • Great investments are rare
  • Every company matters
  • Build no more than 5 companies at any given time [1]Per partner at any
    given time.

Complete Alignment

  • We are not asset gatherers incentivized to maximize fees
  • We invest a significant portion of our own capital

Patient Capital

BayLink Capital capitalizes its investments through our deep relationships with a set of aligned capital partners including institutional asset managers, very large family offices, fund of funds and other institutional capital sources.

Mindset of long term business owners and builders.

We bring the tenacity, persistence and commitment to excellence that it takes to build great, durable companies that thrive over decades.