Specialized in three areas that we know
uniquely well

We focus on sectors where our team is uniquely positioned to create value

Target Sectors

Healthcare (US focused)

    Outsourced services to providers and payors

  • RCM/billing/coding/payment integrity
  • Clinical trials ecosystem
  • Medtech - products and services

  • Core medical products
  • Outsourced manufacturing and design
  • Move to alternative sites of care

  • Behavioral and mental health
  • Multi-disciplinary musculoskeletal care
  • Selective physician practice management
  • Healthcare tech-enabled services

  • Niche sub-vertical software
  • Care / case management
  • Outsourced services to providers/payors (e.g. RCM)
  • Medtech – products and outsourced manufacturing
  • Multi-unit healthcare and selective physician practice management
  • Tech-enabled services and solutions (e.g. vertical software)

Financial and Business Services
(US focused)

    Non-balance sheet financial services

  • Payments and transaction processing
  • Outsourced services to financial institutions
  • Outsourced IT and Tech-Enabled Services

  • BPO/BPM and KPO
  • Outsourced IT and Tech-enabled services
  • Data/analytics/AI outsourced services
  • Transportation and Logistics

  • Niche 3PL Services
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Industrial tech-enabled services

  • Automation and controls integration
  • Sensing, Optics, and Industrial IoT
  • Payments
  • Wealth and investment management
  • Outsourced services to financial institutions

US-India or
US-SE Asia Companies

  • Must be US HQ’ed, substantial US revenues, presence
  • 1 in 3 of the investments considered
  • We bring networks and experience in Asia to bear
  • Substantial US revenues or presence
  • Healthcare, financial/business services, software, BPO/ KPO, tech-enabled services
  • Cross-border nature fundamental to competitive advantage
  • Asian delivery/supply chains or entry into growth end markets

Strategic Private Capital for Leading Companies

Opportunities that are an especially good fit for us

Committed Owners or Managers

We love partnering with founders and management teams that retain a substantial stake in the business and seek to continue the company’s growth journey in partnership with BayLink

Seeking a Value-Added Business Partner

Companies and management seeking not just capital, but an aligned business and operating partner with a track record of driving growth

Already Successful Companies Ready to Accelerate

Companies with ~$3-15M+ of EBITDA that are ready to go through an inflection towards a significantly higher growth trajectory:
– aggressive investment in de novo growth
– significant additions to executive team
– transformative M&A and integration

Situations with Complexity or Discontinuity

We embrace complexity requiring deeper diligence, including:
– family ownership dynamics or corporate carve-outs
– discontinuous growth, competitive entry or other industry dynamics

Investment Criteria

Ambitious Management Team

Dedicated founder/management team committed to growing their business.


North America headquarters. Some investments focus on untapped geographic advantage in South and Southeast Asia.

Investment Size

Our firm targets investments of $15 to $50 million or more.

Future Expansion

Potential for follow-on investment. Target holding period of 10 years or longer.

We believe we can do good while doing well

We seek to serve all of our stakeholders including our management partners, employees, the environment and the community in addition to shareholders and investors

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